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A Virtual Learning Platform That Conveniently Meets Your Child’s Educational Needs!

Why e-Heguru?

Reflecting upon the ever-changing times, e-Heguru is our continuous commitment towards innovative, quality learning as we embrace the digital era. Originated from Japan, Heguru Education Center prides itself with over 40 years experience in children’s right brain training and development. Aligning with our Right Brain teaching philosophy and tradition, e-Heguru is equipped with the learning tools that complement our uniquely designed programs conducted by our own qualified instructors.

The freedom of technology allows us to connect with children without geographical boundaries while delivering all our learning contents with ease and efficiency. e-Heguru, your child will experience an exciting, hybrid learning journey no child is left behind!


What Do We Offer?

Intensive Right
Brain Program

( 1 to 3 years old )

Guides & Workbook

Lessons are enhanced with a series of unique materials and worksheets that ensures your child applies the knowledge and ability that they had learn throughout the lesson.

Fast paced
Teaching Method

Our experienced instructors conduct the lesson at fast paced that consistently keep your child stimulated and well guided throughout the lessons.

Playback Lessons

You may replay each lesson as many times that reflects your child’s preferred  and personal learning pace at your convenience within the validity of subscription.

Interactive & Engaging Activities

Interesting approach to learning filled with fun and joy.


  • Develops first 4 years old

  • Conscious mind

  • Low-speed processing


  • Develops first (0-4 years)

  • Subconscious mind

  • Fast speed processing

Right VS Left Brain

E-heguru Program is inclusive of materials that will be uploaded progressively for your perusal. The syllabus include:

4 new videos

that will be added to your account every month

4 sets

of workbook

designed to help your child engage with the videos effectively

4 sets

of printout

will be sent to your doorstep which you can use regularly for practice

Program Benefit

e-Heguru Program is designed to ensure effective, quality learning to ensure the best results. After gone through several lessons, your children will be able to obtained some skills :

  • Memory Power

  • Intellectual Development

  • Photographic Memory

  • Brain Stimulation

  • Good Intuitive

  • Creativity & Imaginary

  • Number Concept

  • Literacy

  • Psychomotor Skills

  • General Knowledge

  • Attention Span

  • Moral Values

  • Parent-Child Bonding

Enrichment program

With our rich history and long experience in right brain development and working with young children throughout the years, we have guided many children who have successfully tapped into their potential and have acquired learning abilities which includes:


of time management

Developing their inner potential


of problem solving

Different perspective of thinking


focusing and concentration

Acquiring these powerful abilities, your child will find learning is easier and will enjoy learning. Cultivating this mindset will indirectly lead them towards a successful path in life.

Do Not Miss Out Your Child’s Golden Period!

Research has shown that the development of the right brain diminishes after 3 years old. This is where a child’s ability for creativity, music, photographic memory and rapid mental processing will become dormant. Therefore, it is advantageous to start your child right during this short window that guarantees a bright learning journey in the future.

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